Saturday, February 11, 2012

WOWOWOWOWOW!! The Blog has past 20,000 page views!!!!!!

Today!  Yay!
Oh my gosh!  I come back from vacation just in time to see that the blog has now past 20,000 page views!!  That is incredible!!!
 When I started this blog three months ago, my primary purpose was to be of service, to share my experience and to gather & organize important information on the vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, anti-inflammatory lifestyle.  A secondary goal was to build a warm, loving community of support amongst blog readers & fellow bloggers.  I feel that the blog is reaching both of those goals today and I have all of you to thank for it!  

It really makes me feel amazing to know that so many of you relate to my story.  I LOVE hearing yours too!  

As a doctor, I learned early in my career that you can never judge a person's insides by their outsides!  EVERYONE has a story and there is always something of value to learn from each person who crosses our paths.  I feel privileged to have you trust me (and the blog community we have built here) enough to share YOUR experiences with me--via comments, emails and Facebook.  

As we grow together I hope you will share the resources on this site with your family and friends that are interested in health, medicine & pain-free living.  By working on your own health and well-being you will attract others to your lifestyle simply because you can demonstrate that a truly vibrant life is possible!  At least that has been my experience!  

Thank you for being here & participating in the conversation!
With gratitude,
:-) Dr. Cat

Coming Up 
  • Sugar-Free, Gluten-free Vegan Sweets for Valentine's Day!!
  • Preparing for a Joint Replacement--What can YOU do?
  • SLEEP:  Why Is it Critical for Your Health ~ Join the Sleep Challenge!!!
  • What Do You Do When You Are Vegan & Your Family/Spouse Is Not?!
  • What The Happy Nurse & I Are Eating This Week & The Recipe of The Week!!
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  1. Congrats, Dr. Cat on the success of your blog! I have been following you from almost the beginning. I am really looking forward to reading your post on preparing for joint replacement, because I will be having it done in April. I am concerned about whether I should increase my protein to help the healing process. I follow an Esseslstyn diet and have the same extra restrictions as you, soy and gluten free. It will be a challenge doing this while recouping in a rehab center. :-) Thanks for your service by doing this blog!

    1. Thanks so much J!!! Yes, I am also really looking forward to posting on the joint replacement recommendations--it is incredibly important how to prepare for these surgeries, but patients are provided very little information. We rehab docs see you all on the other side and always wish we'd had a chance to prepare you ahead of time so your post-op recovery went better!!! I hope my post will be helpful to you!! Should be going up towards the end of this week or early next.

      Its wonderful to have someone else doing the Esselstyn diet with the soy and gluten restrictions--makes me feel less alone :-) Thank you for reading and for commenting!!

      And thank you for being here since nearly the beginning--the blog would not have been as successful without you!:-)

  2. Congratulations Cat!

    I hope you had a great vacation.


    1. Thanks Ali!! It was amazing to get away and I actually got a little sun!! Hope everything is going well with you guys--I'll email you offline to get the update. Hug!:-)

  3. Well done Cat - you are inspiring & have certainly helped us to think about our food... We've been completely vegan & fat free for over 3 weeks & feel amazing. No more compromising eating cheese & eggs when out. Oil has gone & we are loving experimenting with new dishes & tastes. Sime had suffered for a few years with indigestion in the evenings & it's gone, he even eats more than ever now - but is completely free from discomfort! We've lost weight(over 9lbs each so far) & we're saving money too - olive oil & chocolate are expensive habits! So thank you Cat - keep up the good work!

    Kay :)

    1. AWESOME JOB KAY!!! I read your post to my husband because I'm so proud of all the work you guys have done! You guys keep it up too!! Thanks for being such a great teammate! :-))

      Thank you also for continuing to be such an active and kind reader! I'm so happy you all are with me on this journey!


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