Friday, December 23, 2011

A Doctor is Grateful for Making a Difference on an Average Day at a Rural Clinic! The Holiday Marathon Continues!!

Welcome All My Guest Bloggers--Doctors, Nurses & Patients whose stories warm our hearts....Here is Another Story From a Doctor!

In the hustle of day-to-day operations, I have found it easy to forget why I became a doctor. It becomes more a routine and that’s not what I set out to do. 

I work in a clinic that serves a large rural area and the goal is: go, go, go... see as many patients as fast as you can.   One patient needed a little more of my time. She had been to several docs before with the same problem and each time dismissed with the same diagnosis. I sat with her asking questions and explaining to her what I was thinking.  

Turns out she was sicker than either of us initially thought and I sent her to the hospital for more workup. She returned several weeks later wearing oxygen. She then reached and hugged me and said, “You saved my life.” It reminded me that the little things I do on an average day at work makes a big difference to that person.

Dr. S

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