Thursday, December 8, 2011

The blog has past 4,000 page views! 1,000 in the last 24 hours! This is incredible!

Hooray!  What a celebration :-)  I'm working on a post for tomorrow on the "Ten Things I Do to Keep Those Nearly 100lbs Off!"  I hope it is helpful to you! 

Just an FYI-- I'm going to have to shift my usually scheduled posts from this week to next week because of all the awesome Happy Herbivore hubub!  So look next week for the posts on my favorite cooking tools, how to boost kids' immune systems with food, Tip #9 on how to get the best medical care in the hospital & the "29 Gifts" book review!  

Still cannot believe how unhealthy the food was at my conference today.  And nary a doc blinked!  I mean I should expect this by now, but somehow its even more surprising in my specialty (one that is very big on holistic, team-based approaches to physical rehabilitation).  sigh.

Coming Up Next Post:  Ten Things I Do to Keep Those Nearly 100lbs Off! 

Coming Up Next Week:
  • BOOK REVIEW:  "29 Gifts!"
  • SuperImmunity for Kids ~Part 2~!
  • Practical Stuff:  Kitchen Tools That Help & Products I Like!
Coming Up on Medical System Tuesday
  • Tip #9 For The Best Hospital Care:  Pay Attention ~ Insider Tips on How to Get the BEST Medical Care in the Hospital ~
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