Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Plastic Surgeon Goes the Extra Mile & is Grateful for Learning An Important Lesson From the Patient

Welcome All My Guest Bloggers--Doctors, Nurses & Patients whose stories warm our hearts....Here is Another Story From a Doc!

As the hierarchy goes, being a junior fellow is not a glamorous job even when the field is cosmetic surgery. 

One particular patient had undergone a very large surgery and was experiencing lots of anxiety over things that were normal. I tried to reassure her over the phone to no avail. I then left my home, at 10pm and drove 15 mins to her hotel room to convince her that things were ok.   I received several text messages and phone call over the next week from her and her loved one and each time I had to keep from sounding irritated at such trivial stuff. 

When I saw her in the office she exclaimed that she was so thankful for my patience. She stated that my explanations helped her prepare for what was to come.   It illustrated that what I expect as normal is totally foreign to the average patient. I learned from my patient to continue to use my ability to make things plain to help them through a stressful time in their life.

~Dr. S,  Plastic Surgeon
Little Rock, Arkansas

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