Thursday, December 29, 2011

RECIPES: What the Happy Nurse & I Are Eating This Week! Curries Galore, Sri Lankan Kale, Butternut Coconut Rice, Quinoa Puttanesca, Winter Slaw & More!

Ok!  Well its been a crazy week (another family member in the hospital--now discharged thank goodness!) and no time to mass cook!  For most of the week, I've been coming home and chopping a few things here and there and throwing it in the slow cooker (the 3-in-1 slow cooker of course!)!!  At least I did our meal planning and we got the grocery shopping done before the week began so I have everything on hand!!  

What we've made food-wise this week has been SUPER yummy so far!  My husband, the Happy Nurse, got a cookbook for Christmas called "Appetite for Reduction" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz."  Therefore, this cookbook features prominently in our plan for this week!  So far, the curries I've made from this cookbook have been really good!!  

Here is what the Happy Nurse & I are eating this week:

Soups & Curries 
1) Aztec Corn Soup from  The Happy Herbivore Cookbook by Lindsay Nixon:  As if we couldn't get enough of this delicious soup with a Mexican kick, we're making more for this week!! Its an incredibly healthy soup thanks to the ingenious use of quinoa as a main ingredient!  Great balanced protein source & gives it a nutty taste--yum!
2) Eggplant-Chickpea Curry: Appetite for Reduction" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz: I haven't tasted this yet but it smelled really good cooking!  Instead of the Chickpeas, I accidently thawed the Canelloni beans we had cooked & frozen so I used those!  Instead of fresh tomatoes which are out of season, I used "Fire-Roasted"diced canned tomatoes.  Delicious!)
3) 2nd Avenue Vegetable Korma: Appetite for Reduction" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz:  took this for lunch today--the sauce is SO good!  I forgot to buy cauliflower so I used broccoli instead & I threw in some parsnips as well since we had some!  I used the Healthy Librarian's trick substitution for coconut milk (since it is so high in saturated fat!)--I added a teaspoon of coconut extract to oat milk instead!  At let me tell you, I cannot taste a difference--yay Debby!
4) Red Lentil & Root Veggie Dal:  Appetite for Reduction" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz: haven't made this yet but I've got all the ingredients!  For all of these curries we got the garam masala, etc spices from our local Indian foods shop.  We get all the regular spices and our dried beans/grains from our local health food shop where we can buy in bulk from bins!  Super super cheap!

Main Dishes
1) Healthy Girl's Kitchen's Sri Lankan Kale:  I've been wanting to make this for WEEKS, I just have been a bit stuck because we haven't had time to run across town to the only store that has unsweetened coconut! I keep putting it on the list, but this week it is for real!
2) Quinoa Puttanesca:  Appetite for Reduction" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz Oh my gosh this is SO good!  I love pretty much everything in it--particularly the kalamata olives and capers!!  Instead of white wine, since we don't drink alcohol (12 step household!), I used sparkling apple cider (and it actually worked pretty well!).
3) Butternut Coconut RiceAppetite for Reduction" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz  I haven't made this yet but I adore butternut squash and I'm a huge fan of coconut, so both together--how could that be bad?!  I'm going to use the Healthy Librarian's trick substitution for coconut milk here too to reduce fat!
4) Mushroom Tibs:  Appetite for Reduction" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz This recipe is an Eritrean-based recipe (Eritrea is a small country just north of Ethiopia) and since I'm a HUGE fan of Ethiopian food, I'm sure this will be delicious too!  And The Happy Nurse could not be more of a mushroom fan, so we both get to be happy!

1) My New Roots Blog's Winter Slaw:  Ok I cannot even explain how unbelievably delicious this is!  And SO nutrient dense!!! Kale, carrots, cabbage (2 types), parsley, scallions--YUM!  And the dressing is amazing--a total home run all around!  
2) Healthy Girl's Kitchen's "Links for Latkas": So I had no time during the holiday week to make latkas and I really really like them!  So this week I saw a pound of potatoes on sale and I thought--why not?!  Wendy (the Healthy Girl herself:-)) has put together an excellent collection of healthy latka recipes--I plan to try a few of the recipes she has listed and compare them!  Great project for New Year's treats this weekend! (if I have time--if not, it'll be one recipe!):-)
3) Pineapple Collards:  Appetite for Reduction" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz:  we have a lot of collard greens leftover from Christmas dinner!  I of course over-cooked!  I know we'll get bored of these mid-week so I think adding pineapple is an inspired idea!  I'll let you know how it turns out!
4)  Curried Cabbage & Peas: Appetite for Reduction" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz I just realized how many curries I chose for this week!!  Guess I'm a mite bit excited about something on the spicy side when its SO cold outside!!
5) Brussels-Sprout-Potato Hash: Appetite for Reduction" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz  My husband is NOT excited about this one, but I LOVE brussels sprouts!  I had some pretty amazing brussels sprouts for Christmas dinner (my sister made them--so delicious!) so I'm yearning for more!  I'm still on the search for some fresh ones--my grocery store was out--so this may get pushed back to next week's list!!

Alright!  What are YOU planning on eating this week?  Got any recipe ideas for me & the Happy Nurse to make for next week???!

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  • Treating Pain with Food--more thoughts
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  1. I have enjoyed most of the recipes so far from Appetite for Reduction - and the root veggie dal was one of my favourites! I wil have to try the winter slaw - it was on my hitlist earlier this month when I saw it. :)

  2. You will LOVE the slaw!! I think I had it four days in a row without getting tired of it! I added some orange marmalade to the dressing instead of oranges and it turned out nicely :-)

    Haven't made the root veggie dal yet (I've been sick--yuck!) so that will be on the docket for next! Was starting to lose my motivation on another curry but since that dal was your favorite we are definitely making it!!:-)

    Thanks Janet for commenting! Keep coming back! :-)

  3. Are all these recipes for only two people? Do you half the portions. We are nearly empty nesters and getting used to cooking small is still a challenge. I only list side dishes below, because we always eat a mega-huge salad as our main dish. This week I'm making Ann Esselstyn's hummus salad dressing.

    S-Minestrone Soup with fennel because the store was out of kale and cabbage
    M-Amaranth Polenta con Cavolo Nero just kale and white beans over amaranth
    T-Black Bean and Red Rice stuffed Chile Relenos
    W-Mock Pasta with Marinara
    Th-Black Eyed Peas with collards
    F-Polenta Pizza with kale, mushrooms, peppers, and green onions
    Sa-Bok Choi and Eggplant in Garlic Sauce with Black rice

  4. PS...I love the recipes in Appetite for Reduction, too.

  5. Hi Ginger! I'm not actually sure what the technical serving sizes are in the cookbook but what my husband and I do is cook a large amount of food in one big batch and then tupperware it (BPA free of course!) into individual portions! We usually freeze half of the individual tupperwares and put half in the fridge for the week. On busy weeks when we don't have time to do a big cook, we live off of the frozen food.

    Thank you for sharing your food plan for the week!! Yum yum yum!! Every dish sounds delicious! I've got a cold right now so the Minestrone soup in particular just sounds perfect :-)

    Love the use of Polenta--I made all these mini Polenta pizzas with herbed cashew cheese from the Forks Over Knives Cookbook for Christmas dinner and they were SO good! Of course now after eating them for Christmas and the three days afterward I'm polenta-d out! But I'm sure I'll want some again sooner rather than later so could I possibly get that Amaranth Polenta con Cavolo Nero recipe from you (sounds YUMMY!)?

    Happy New Year and thanks for commenting and being here!! :-) Hope you keep coming back!:-)


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