Sunday, December 18, 2011

Best of the Blogosphere From the Last Week!! Holiday Meal Ideas, Bon Appetit's Best Vegan, Gluten Free Blogs & Health Care Savings!! AND, the Recipe of the Week!

Well its been a great week on the blogs--nothing like the holidays for these incredible vegan chefs to pull out their best recipes!  I learned a lot this week from my fellow bloggers, found some awesome new blogs & am now chock full of ideas for our family's Christmas dinner(s)!  Here are my favorites from the past week!

Holiday Meal Suggestions:
I found this holiday recipe gold mine this week:  Bon Appetit's Best Gluten-Free & Vegan Blogs for the Holidays!  How can you ever go wrong with Bon Appetit?!  

The Healthy Librarian's Top Ten Holiday Weekend Dishes (as voted by her family!):  Can I just say that the HL really has some of the tastiest recipes ever & the fact that they are nearly all Esselstyn-approved--awesome!

Happy Herbivore Plant-Based Vegan Christmas Recipes:  As always, Lindsay Nixon gives us a bunch of delicious recipe suggestions for the Holidays.  

Healthy Girl's Kitchen's "Links for Latkas":  Ok so I'm not Jewish but I grew up in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood and work at a Jewish hospital so unsurprisingly, I LOVE Latkas.  That said they are super unhealthy and I haven't had some in forever.  Thank you Wendy for posting all these healthy Latka options--whether you celebrate Chanukah or not, make some Latkas!! SO yummy!

Post Punk Kitchen: Holiday Recipes:  Ok this is an AMAZING collection of plant-strong holiday options!!  As always I particularly love the ease of finding recipes--click on a picture, boom you are there (like the Happy Herbivore recipe site that I like so much)  New Blog for me to follow!  Looking forward to it! :-)

My New Roots Blog:  Yummy looking, very nutrient-dense, immune-promoting holiday options.  Another great new blog I've found!

Another Exciting New Blog I Found:
OH MY GOSH--Gluten-free AND Vegan--oh can my heart sing more.  This blog looks great!  I'm going to start following it!:  Golubka: Food That Takes Love Blog

Medical Posts:
Disease Proof: New Research to Investigate Nutrient-Rich Diets:  This is research that desperately needs to be well-supported!  Love that this is a priority.

Dr. Barnard on Crazy Sexy Life: 5 Ways to Save Billions & Boost the Nation's Health:  I worked in public health and health policy before becoming a doctor so this blog post was particularly interesting to me.  This is a fantastic article--particularly his first point on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps).  Between SNAP & the Federal School Lunch Program (remember when Congress classified the tomato sauce on pizza as a vegetable a few weeks ago), I truly believe that our government is legislating childhood obesity & malnutrition.  By the way, "Crazy Sexy Life" is a great blog put out by cancer survivor & best-selling author: Kris Carr, check it out!

Healthy Eating Posts:
Engine 2 "Daily Beet": Interview with the Happy Herbivore Lindsay Nixon (Part 1) & Engine 2 "Daily Beet": Interview with Lindsay Nixon (Part 2):  How can I not like a post on Lindsay Nixon?  (I'm SUCH a fan!)  The best part of this interview for me was finding out about a gluten-free substitute for seitan!  HOORAY!  You can also check out my own interview with Lindsay here.

Recipe of the Week
Nutritarian Recipes: Orange-Apricot Glazed Brussels Sprouts  New Blog find!  (Thanks for the link off your blog HGK).  So excited I found this site--there are a lot of recipes listed on the blog that look really yummy--yay for more food options for the Happy Nurse & me!)

THIS WEEK from December 19-December 25th: 
  • ITS THE HOLIDAY HAPPINESS MARATHON!!!  Doctors, Nurses & Patients Share Special Medical Moments That Will Warm Your Heart During the Holiday Chaos!
Coming Up After the Holidays:
  • SuperImmunity for Kids ~Part 2~!
  • Medical System TuesdayTip #10 For The Best Hospital Care:  Try Not to Be Alone! ~ Insider Tips on How to Get the BEST Medical Care in the Hospital ~
  • Treating Pain with Food--more thoughts
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  1. Best of the Blogosphere I find really helpful!
    Thanks for the great work you are doing here, Silvia

  2. Thanks Sylvia! It helps me too to get everything organized--found some fantastic posts this week!

    How are you doing? Getting things ready for the holiday?:-)

  3. Dr. Cat, I'm the writer of "Nutritarian Recipes," which is kind of quiet right now. But I found your blog yesterday thanks to a link maybe from Dr. Sharma to your "Dear 268 Pound Me" entry. I needed it for inspiration, as I've gained recently from poor habits and choices and need to remember where I've come from AND where I'm going. Thank you! It was a special thrill to find the link back to my own little blog as I traced through your recent posts this morning. Just sharing the love both ways, I suppose! :-)

  4. Hey Cindy! So glad you found my blog so you could see what I fan I was of yours! I'm very excited you are motivated to get going again--selfishly because I want more of your recipes!!:-)) No serious, don't worry about the poor habits--they come and go--the point is progress not perfection :-) At least that is what I've learned!

    I hope you keep coming back and commenting--and thank YOU for featuring my blog on your blog today!! (that almost was a tongue twister!)

    Take good care! :-) Happy New Year!


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