Monday, December 19, 2011

The Holiday Happiness Marathon Begins!: A Pediatric Anesthesiologist Loves Being a Doctor & Is Grateful for Patients' Parent's Trust!!

Welcome All My Guest Bloggers--Doctors, Nurses & Patients whose stories warm our hearts....Here is Our FIRST Story!

Why I Am Honored To Be A Doctor:
~Dr. I, Pediatric Anesthesiologist , Dallas, TX~

HRD's goddaughter
(with the permission of her mom)

I love being a physician.  As I finish my training to become a pediatric anesthesiologist, I am honored that parents entrust their children’s safety to me every day.

Each time I walk into a new patient’s room, I try to earn first the child’s and then the parents’ trust.  As a parent to two little boys, I don’t even want to imagine how hard it must be to separate from your baby before their heart surgery, or their brain surgery, or even just before they have tubes placed in their ears for chronic ear infections.  

For me, my favorite part of being a doctor is playing with the kids and distracting them from what could be a terrifying situation.  If I can keep a child calm and happy as they breathe my anesthetic gases until they fall asleep, they usually wake up calm and happy.  I am not perfect, and every child doesn’t wake up calmly, but the challenge of accomplishing that goal and giving my patients a positive experience keeps me going. 

There are a lot of frustrations in medicine, but doctors became physicians because we love what we do.

Thank you Doc for sharing your story with us!!  Readers--lets send a little love back to Dr. I in the comments!!  Write away!! :-))

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  1. Hey, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you, and the job you do. My husband and I are both ICU/ER nurses, but neither of us have pediatric experience. So when our 4 year old son needed his tonsils out for sleep apnea, we were really scared: after all, we're used to seeing all the unusual things that can go horribly wrong, not the thousands of cases that go right. I've never been as nervous as the day we had to put OUR kid in the pediatric gown.

    We were a wreck, but our Anesthesiologist was SUCH a pro. He had our son laughing and joking on the way to the OR, and my son still plays with the "balloon" he had to blow up. (Peds anesthesia bag). Ours was a minor, elective case, so I can imagine this goes doubly so for an emergency: having a calm, confident doctor makes ALL the difference. And because of the training and professionalism of the crew (both OR and PACU) my son had a great outcome, and improved quality of life.

    We both got into healthcare to help people, and the realities of healthcare can sometimes be discouraging. But it's folks like you (and the ER doc who helped reduce my kid's elbow a month ago) who remind me of why, despite the frustrations, this is still the best job ever! Thanks for the post, and for all you do to help kids! --Natalie, RN


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