Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday's Best of the Blogosphere From the Last Week!! Breast Cancer, Steve Jobs & Pizza is a Vegetable?? Plus: Recipe of the Week!

Wow there have been some extremely interesting posts on the blogs this week!! 

Here's a roundup of my favorites:  (click on the links to read the posts yourself!)
1)  Fighting Breast Cancer with Flaxseeds (From "Disease Proof"--Dr. Barnard's blog) Really interesting piece about breast cancer prevention--very medical but fascinating.
2)  Why Did Steve Jobs Die? (Dr. McDougall's Newsletter) Ok this piece was a bit of a shocker.  Dr. McDougall's premise is that Steve Jobs had cancer since early adulthood and the vegan diet helped delay its onset.  This seems like an incredible leap until you follow through Dr. McDougall's calculations of tumor production intervals and the track of Jobs medical treatments.  What a read!  I'm still pondering on it!
3)  Congress Declares Pizza a VEGETABLE??? (Healthy Girl's Kitchen) Ok, in case you missed it, our legislative representatives actually are actively choosing to reduce the health of our kids in favor of the food lobby! This has been going on for awhile but this latest move is SO unbelievably ridiculous that Saturday Night Live had to get in on the act!  Pizza as a vegetable.  Are you kidding me?  I already knew that they classified "fries" as a vegetable, but pizza?? To be perfectly accurate the debate wasn't about pizza actually--it was about whether the tomato paste that GOES ON pizza can be counted as a vegetable!! To me, that doesn't sound a whole lot better.  Sometimes I wonder.  And so does SNL.  This video that the Healthy Girl posted on her blog is hilarious.
4)  From Dr. Esselstyn's Facebook Page:  Newly released:  Dr. Esselstyn's Heart Disease Reversal Program on VIDEO!!  Just in time for the holidays its a stocking stuffer that can save a life!  His whole program in a four hour video!  Dr. E is amazing. 

Yummiest Looking Recipe This Week (I can't wait to try it!!):  How to Make Plant Strong Sushi!!

Coming Up THIS Week!
  • RECIPES & Ideas: Snacks!  YUMMY & Portable Plant-Based Snack Food--all sugar-free, gluten-free & without adding oil or fat!!
Coming Up on Medical System Tuesday
  • Tip #8 For The Best Hospital Care:  Be Nice ~ Insider Tips on How to Get the BEST Medical Care in the Hospital ~
Coming Up Next Week:
  • BOOK REVIEW:  "29 Gifts!"
  • SuperImmunity for Kids ~Part 2~!
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