Monday, December 19, 2011

After Having Brain Tumor Surgery, A Patient is Grateful for "The Best Nurse I've Ever Had!": The HOLIDAY HAPPINESS MARATHON continues!

Welcome All My Guest Bloggers--Doctors, Nurses & Patients whose stories warm our hearts....Here is Our FIRST Patient Story!

After having brain tumor surgery, I was in the ICU at the hospital for 2 weeks.  There, I had a nurse named Liz.  Her family was originally from the Bahamas, so she had the remnants of an islander accent.  I was never as happy as when I heard that voice on the other side of the curtain.

She was the best nurse I’ve ever had! And it wasn’t because she was the sweetest, kindest nurse I have had.  In fact, she was mostly matter of fact, firm, and business-like.  But …. She listened.  She didn’t ignore me when the pain in my head was overwhelming, and I rocked back and forth on my hospital bed in pain.  She matter-of-factly told me that I needed to calm down and stop crying because it would only make my head hurt worse, if I did that.  But… she got me the pain medication that I needed.  Notice I didn’t say that I wanted…. It was what I needed.

She had to tell me the hard things and show me the not so pleasant things.  But….She listened.  She answered my questions, even though they were most likely quite obvious to her.  She didn’t get annoyed when I asked her the same questions for the fifteenth time.

She was the one who listened to my husband as he expressed his frustration over my overly emotional behavior after surgery, and she was the only one who explained that this was normal after brain surgery, and it would go away.

Liz was the consummate nurse:  a professional who did her job well, and made sure that I was doing what I needed to get better.  At the same time, she was personable:  Listening to her patient, showing care and concern, being willing to carry on a conversation instead of just walking in and out of my room.

To all the nurses out there who are like Liz – I thank you and your work does not go unnoticed!

~Joanna Shumaker in Tennessee

Thank you Joanna for sharing your story with us!!  Readers--have you ever had a wonderful experience with a nurse?  Share with us in the comments! :-))


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