Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best of the Blogosphere From the Last Week!! Protein, Police Chiefs, and Women's Supplements! Plus: RECIPE of the Week & Holiday Gift Guides!

Here's a roundup of my blogosphere favorites from this week!:  (click on the links to read the posts yourself!)

1) The Engine 2 Diet (Rip Esselstyn)'s "Daily Beet's" Q & A on High Protein Diets for Athletes with Fitness Expert Lani--this is a fantastic post because it really explains why "protein-loading" athletes to "build muscle" is not only scientifically incorrect but it also is linked to the supplement industries' marketing machine.  I find it absolutely fascinating that the World Health Organization recommended daily dietary intake of protein is only 5%!  Yes, 5%!  I love learning more about this after spending so many years thinking the key to strength is protein intake!

2) The Healthy Librarian's post on Police Chief Patrick Berarducci's Plant-Strong Diet Movement in Medina, Ohio.   LOVE this post--it really made me smile. :-) A police chief with poor health basically followed Dr. Esselstyn's program & after seeing such amazing results, has been pushing the whole town to join him!  

3)  The Plant-Based Dietician's profile of the Everyday Happy Herbivore Cookbook--a bunch of preview recipes & an opportunity to win a free book!  Check it out:-)

4) Dr. Andrew Weil's Q&A: Are Supplements Really Harmful to Women?  This is a really interesting post in which Dr. Weil discusses a newly published Archives of Internal Medicine journal article which suggests the possibility of increased death rates in women taking suppplements in the Iowa Women's Health Study.  I am particularly fascinated with his comments about "never taking multivitamins with iron in them" because iron is toxic when it builds up in the body.   

5)  Gluten-Free Girl's How to Make Gluten-Free Dough Ornaments!!  Silly one I know but its that holiday time of year & I used to make these (non-gluten-free) with my Mom as a little girl!

6)  Great Holiday Gift Guides from the last few weeks:
      -The Engine 2 Diet Daily Beet's Ultimate Plant-Strong Holiday Gift Guide!
          -The 100 Days of Real Food's Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas (beyond cookies!)
          -The Happy Herbivore's Holiday Gift Guide
          -The Healthy Librarian's "Money Well Spent" Review (scroll down to see the products)
Yummiest Looking Recipe This Week (I can't wait to try it!!): The Fat-Free Vegan's Roasted Squash & Red Lentil Spread (I LOVE curry!)

What were YOUR favorite blog posts this week?  

Coming Up Next Week:
  • BOOK REVIEW:  "29 Gifts!"
  • SuperImmunity for Kids ~Part 2~!
  • Practical Stuff:  Kitchen Tools That Help & Products I Like! (Gift Ideas?!)
Coming Up on Medical System Tuesday
  • Tip #9 For The Best Hospital Care:  Pay Attention ~ Insider Tips on How to Get the BEST Medical Care in the Hospital ~
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