Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Interview with The Happy Herbivore: Ms. Lindsay Nixon

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing the one and only Happy Herbivore herself:  Ms. Lindsay Nixon about her newly released cookbook THE EVERYDAY HAPPY HERBIVORE!  In case you can't tell by my enthusiastic posts--I think that Lindsay is one incredible chef (or as she says "a recipe writer") and her recipes have really helped me and my husband embrace plant-strong living!

I think one of the biggest challenges about moving to a plant-strong diet is the fear that "nothing will taste good again!" Or that every meal was going to be extremely complicated to make. I'm not going to lie--before I made the choice to turn vegan I had some pretty profound concerns.  But helllllooooo to yummy & easy-to-make food--enter The Happy Herbivore!  Concerns....gone! Meals....delicious!!  

Lets hear what this low-fat vegan magician in the kitchen had to say....

1) You know I'm a fan of your outstanding cookbook, The Happy Herbivore.  What inspired you to create a new cookbook (THE EVERYDAY HAPPY HERBIVORE!) and how is it different from your previous publications?

I was obligated under a contract :-) I'm joking -- I mean, yes, that's true, I had signed a contract to write three books, but I knew after writing my first book if it was successful, I'd write more books for my fans.

I started my blog (and now write cookbooks) with one mission: to show that eating healthy, plant-based meals is easy, approachable, affordable and most importantly -- delicious. My recipes are all no fuss, everyday ingredients, quick and easy. I'm proving that healthy doesn't have to be expensive or complicated or a shore. It's possible -- and fun!

My first cookbook focused on comfort foods and classic meals we all know and love... and Everyday sort of brings it back to the basics and added in a lot of international flare. There is more diversity in Everyday.

2) How do you develop your recipes?  Any favorites in THE EVERYDAY HAPPY HERBIVORE!?

It's a good mix of trying to replicate recipes that I used to eat that were either not vegan or not healthy, I'll create something on the fly or I'll be inspired by an ingredient. For example I saw a beautiful bunch of chard I couldn't pass up so I took it home and created a recipe for it. 

Asking a chef what recipe is their favorite is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child :-)

3)  You made the choice to change from a vegetarian to a vegan diet.  What motivated you to make that choice?

I was motivated by my health and the plight of farm animals. I'd met some vegans who told me if I went vegan (from vegetarian) my skin would clear, I'd have fewer migraines and I'd lose weight -- and p.s. they were right. Then, the more i learned about the horrors of the egg and dairy industries the more I could not support them. The reason I continue to follow a plant-based diet today are long and vast, but it's all still deeply rooted in concerns for my health, concerns for the animals and concerns for the environment.

4) Have you noticed any differences in your health since changing to the vegan diet?

Absolutely. I ran a marathon after having not ran so much as a 5k before within months of going vegan. My skin cleared, I lost a ton of weight, my stomach issues cleared, my hair got shiny, I had so much energy and just was a happier person. My temperament changed; I feel like I'm finally me. {Dr. Cat comment:  WAY TO GO LINDSAY!! Hooray health!}

5)  Why did you become a chef who specializes in low-fat vegan cuisine?  Did you need any specialty training to develop such wonderfully nutritious meals?

I am completely self-taught, a home cook. I pretend to be a chef but really I think "recipe writer" is probably more accurate since I never went to culinary school (but I did go to law school!). Cooking and cooking low fat is very natural for me. I follow a low-fat diet, so it makes sense that I write recipes and cookbooks that support the way I eat at home.

Lindsay thank you SO much for taking the time to answer these questions!  Whether a home cook, a recipe writer or whatever you want to call it--you create delicious, easy-to-make meals that heal our bodies.  What a gift to share with the world :-)  Keep it up!  And folks, head over to Amazon & buy something to make your body feel good--a whole new collection of low-fat vegan recipes in the: THE EVERYDAY HAPPY HERBIVORE!

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