Sunday, November 27, 2011

RECIPES: What the Happy Nurse & I Are Eating THIS Week!:-)

The Healthy Librarian's version of Robin Robertson's
Sweet Potato-Spinach-Roasted Tomato-Peanut Soup
This week is going to be particularly awesome because we will have food in the house!! Between work on the Spinal Cord Injury unit and visiting my dear family member every night at the hospital, the last two weeks have been a lot of eating take-out.  If I see the name Pei Wei again I think I actually might be ill!  

Anyways, thanks to a four day weekend I've had some time to plan to do a little cooking!  This is pretty much the FIRST Thankgiving in YEARS that I haven't been working!!!  Hooray!!  Of course my hubby, the Happy Nurse, did work Thanksgiving but he has this weekend off too so yay!!  And, best news ever, my family member is out of the hospital and tucked in at home in good health & spirits :-)

So this week we'll be eating (and I'm planning for us to cook enough for the next 2-3 weeks so thats why there is a multitude!):  
 Barley Soup, TJ's 17 Bean & Barley Soup & Aztec Corn Soup
in our NEW 3-in-1 Slow Cooker!!

Soups [all freeze well, and with our NEW 3-in-1 slow cooker (only $35 at Walmart!), SO easy to make multiple soups at the same time!!]

1)  The Healthy Librarian's version of Robin Robertson's Sweet Potato, Spinach, Fire-Roasted Tomatoes, and a Bit of Peanut Butter Soup
2)  The Happy Herbivore's Aztec Corn Soup from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook
3)  17 Bean & Barley Soup with dried beans mix from Trader Joe's (Recipe on the package & on a website I found via Google!)
4) Barley Soup (my own basic recipe--vegetable broth, barley, garlic, oregano, basil, salt & pepper)

Sandwich fillers & Sandwiches:
1) Curried Bean Dip from Susan O'Brien's Cookbook: The Gluten-Free Vegan
2) Artichoke-Bean Dip from Ann Esselstyn (Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease)
3) Kale & Lemon Sandwiches by Ann Esselstyn on The Healthy Librarian

Main Courses:
1) Enlighted Big Vegn's Creamy Triple Mushroom Fettucine (without the gluten Seitan)
2) Steak & Pepper Fajitas (The Happy Herbivore Cookbook)
3)  Tempeh Joes (The Happy Herbivore Cookbook)
4)  Hawaiian Chickpea Teriyaki (The Happy Herbivore Cookbook)
5)  Portobello Steaks (The Happy Herbivore Cookbook)

1) Mashed Potatoes (potatoes, oak milk, salt & pepper)
2)  Frozen veggies (Thank You Trader Joes)!

Coming Up THIS WEEK:
  • SuperImmunity Foods for KIDS (Calling All PARENTS!)
  • RECIPES & Ideas: Snacks!  YUMMY & Portable Plant-Based Snack Food--all sugar-free, gluten-free & without adding oil or fat!!
Next Time on Medical System Tuesdays (new feature on the blog):
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  1. The spinach, sweet potatoes soup I cooked with normal canned tomatoes (no oven roasted tomatoes here in Germany that I know of)and really loved this recipe!

    If you should find a way to 'de-glutenize' HHLs version of Creamy triple Mushroom Fettuccine please tell (if you find the time, of course).
    I tried it with Tofu and chickpea flour but had too many other changes as well and wasn't quite happy. Oh well I am really missing seitan.
    I really admire your energy, Silvia

  2. Thanks Silvia! Isn't that soup fantastic! I finished the last bit of it for lunch today. Delicious and so nutritious :-) Glad to know it tastes yummy with regular tomatoes too!

    Hmmmmm on the HHL's Fettuccine...we are actually planning on cooking it fresh for dinner tonight. I'm sad about the seitan too! I'll see what we figure out tonight and I'll let you know whether it worked!!

    As always, so pleased to have you comment! :-)

  3. Ok Silvia! We ended up making the fettuccine on Saturday night. We loved it! We had to modify it a bit though--let me tell you what I did.

    -Instead of the wheat flour I used "all-purpose gluten-free flour from Bob's Red Mill"--I don't know if you can get that brand in Germany? I used a bunch more than the recipe said--about an additional 4-5 Tbl to thicken the sauce. Since I avoid only wheat gluten, I added 2 Tbl of Barley flour as well.
    -Were you able to get the dry mushrooms to grind them down and mix with the four at first? I think that made a huge difference in the mushroom infused flavor.
    -We used oat milk instead of soy milk and I thought it made the sauce thicker (yum!) and a bit nuttier/sweeter? We don't drink soy milk so oat milk is our preferred plant-based milk.
    -We don't drink alcohol (12 step household!:-)) so we substituted white grape juice for the wine.
    -We had a small glitch in the recipe because after looking all over the house we couldn't find our tumeric! The result was the sauce, (although yummy and fabulously mushroomy) tasted really bland at the end--my hubby suggested we up the garlic content so we sprinkled a bunch of garlic powder on and that made it taste wonderful!
    -Instead of the seitan I used oyster mushrooms--I love to substitute oyster mushrooms for things like chicken because I think the texture is similar!
    -I sauteed all the mushrooms (including the sliced portobello's) together at the beginning with garlic and then added the sauce to that
    -I added chopped parsley to mine

    Hope that helps!! It was delicious with the above changes--we can't wait to try it with the proper tumeric in the future! :-)

  4. Thanks a lot for your ideas on modification.
    I have to avoid all gluten so I have to find another substitute for the flour (no Bob's Mill here).
    The oyster mushroms as seitan substitute arer a really good idea.
    And you guessed it: I had no dried mushroms at home and I KNEW that this made a huge difference.
    No problem with the tumeric: I put a tumeric / black pepper mixture in nearly everything I cook because of the anti-cancer effects (Beliveau: 'Les aliment contre le cancer'): I am a breast cancer survivor....)
    Thanks for taking the time to post this!
    I am going to try this recipe again!


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