Friday, November 4, 2011

The Plan for the Blog: Using Food To Heal Can Change Your Life

Over the next few posts, I'll give you the "why" and the "how" to explain why I think a "clean" diet is good for every person, no matter what their genetic background!  

The "why" being that for some people disability (a stroke, obesity, heart disease, etc) is worse than death.  And it can be completely prevented. More on that later this week!

The "how" being a bunch of info on what meals I actually eat, what recipes I've found yummy or made up myself and last but not least for all you busy folks: practical food planning tools to help you grocery shop, cook in bulk and save a BUNCH of money!

I'm also going to talk about some major health challenges my patients' face in rehab and how to get the most out of your medical care.  

Keep reading and take what works for you!  I can't wait for you to change your health--its so exciting to have the energy to live life to the fullest and its never too late to start working on this now!!

Next time: Recipes:  Soups Galore!!

Coming Up:

  • PAIN: How to Treat Everything from Arthritis to Muscle Strain to Fibromyalgia With Food
  • How To Get The BEST Medical Care: Tips to Patients from a Doc
  • RECIPES & Ideas:  Snacks!  YUMMY & Portable Plant-based Snack Food--all Sugar-free, Gluten-Free, & Without Added Oils or Fat!!
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