Saturday, November 12, 2011

Post on Food Addiction on Healthy Girl's Kitchen's Blog!

Check out this post from The Healthy Girl's Kitchen (a fantastic site with yummy recipes written by another person motivated by weight-loss to change her life!)

Talk about preaching to the choir--awesome post on the fact that processed food manufacturer's are actually arguing that their food is not addictive!!  Um, and the answer is "X"--the substances in processed food actually CREATE addictive biochemical reactions in our bodies--and we've got the scientific research to back it up.  Wendy, "The Healthy Girl's Kitchen's creator, eloquently outlines some of the major high quality evidence from the literature to dispute the manufacturer's claims--ENJOY!

Quick caveat--I definitely think that processed foods have biochemically addictive substances in them but I know that I am a food addict independent of processed food!  I am addicted to many non-processed foods--thus why I need my 12 step compulsive eating recovery program to keep me sane!  But this information that Healthy Girl's Kitchen presents is very important to understand why we as a nation are becoming so obese!

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