Saturday, November 12, 2011

I've fallen in LOVE with my NEW Happy Herbivore Cookbook!!!

Ok so if you can't tell by my posts so far, I'm just a little bit of an enthusiastic person! :-)  My patients like it--some of them find it a bit amusing (particularly my geriatric patients)--but so much of medicine is coaching so I think this character trait helps me do my job well.  

That said, prepare yourself for a massive flow of enthusiastic energy because I just got Lindsay Nixon's cookbook, "The Happy Herbivore Cookbook," from Amazon yesterday & it is probably one of the most useful, simple & well-organized cookbooks I've ever seen or owned.  My husband, The Happy Nurse, & I sat on the couch last night flipping through it & we both found so many recipes that we love (and look super easy).  The section in the beginning about what to stock your pantry with & how to substitute for fat in recipes is worth the $11 it cost us!  Since we've already tried her recipes from her blog before, we know that her creations are yummy so we can't wait to start tag-team cooking these!

I realize that you all may become a little Happy Herviore-ed out after reading my next post on a Sample Bulk Cook using The Happy Herbivore's blog recipes--but I couldn't stop myself from writing about this cookbook because I'm so impressed.  From a health standpoint, you couldn't do any better (nutritional info on EVERY recipe is listed!)

The other cookbook I love that is in the same league with this one is Vegan on the Cheap (hellloooo I'm a doctor--I'm drowning in student loan debt!) but the only issue with Robin Robertson's cookbook is that I do have to do a lot of modifications substituting out oil so since "The Happy Herbivore Cookbook is nearly totally oil-free--I'm in food planning HEAVEN!  Combining Robin's money saving tips with Lindsey's recipes--awesome.

Now three months into the Esselstyn program (on top of seven months of Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Anti-Inflammatory food choices on my part), we have to admit that we've been getting a bit tired of recycling the recipes from Dr. Esselstyn's book & the Forks Over Knives Cookbook.  We need more variety--so to have an ENTIRE cookbook of yummy Vegan, No-fat/Low-fat recipes to supplement our recipes from other favorite bloggers (Fat Free VeganHealthy Girl's KitchenVegan PlanetThe Healthy Librarian) is just SUCH a bonus!  

This is not to say that Ann Esselstyn & the Forks Over Knives recipes aren't fantastic--they are absolutely delicious & we've been happily eating them--but after recycling the recipes over and over again, you do get a bit tired of the same thing!  And my husband doesn't like a bunch of things--like onions--so that eliminates a bunch of the Esselstyn recipes as options!:-(

So I'm going to strongly encourage all of you to pop over to Amazon (my favorite method of book buying) & spend $11 on this cookbook (The Happy Herbivore Cookbook).  Her new cookbook "The Everyday Happy Herbivore" comes out December 6--so that is something to look forward to as well!

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  1. Thank you Lindsay! There is nothing more awesome than writing a post about a fantastic cookbook & then having the cookbook author comment on your post!! :-)

    I passed the info on your cookbook & website/blog on to my sister & she made your gorgeous Blueberry Cake for breakfast a few days ago (she texted me photos and it looked delicious!) So now your food is becoming a family affair :-)


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