Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This is AMAZING! I'm the Herbie of the Week & the blog explodes :-)

Ok so I got an email from Lindsay (The Wonderful Happy Herbivore herself) this afternoon just as I was rushing out from the hospital to travel to a conference!  She told me that she just posted my story on her blog as the Herbie of the Week!!!!!!  I had an exciting read from my iPhone and some quick frenetic Facebook typing and then I had to get on the road!!  

Now I'm safe and sound at my destination and can take a deep breath and check out the blog.  WOWOWOW!  I've never seen my Feedjit so busy!  It just keeps scrolling!!  

Thank you thank you thank you Lindsay for sharing my story with your readers!  I can't stop smiling from reading the comments--I love the warmth!!  So for those of you joining our little blog community here--WELCOME!  Excited to have you join us & ridiculously happy right now :-)  

I hope that my story helps you believe that ANYONE can recover--our body's incredible resilient capacity has been proven time after time if we are willing to ask for help & change our lifestyle!  I believe that there is no need to live life in pain or ill health.  I'm passionate about trying to find even more ways to keep healing and I will share what I discover along the way.  I hope you will too! Hearing your stories inspires me & helps me learn so please feel free always to share in comments--I love to hear what you have to say!! 

My goal is to have the blog serve as a resource to help make your life healthier, happier and pain-free!  And this includes YOU too my fellow health care providers (docs, nurses, techs, RTs, NPs, PAs, etc)!  When we engage in healing ourselves, we can truly be of service to our patients.  At least that has been my experience :-)

***By the way, Lindsay was kind enough to answer some questions about her own health quest & her NEW cookbook the Everyday Happy Herbivore .  Tune in for the interview in my next post!!***


  1. This is a wonderful interview!
    I am so glad that more people get to know your inspiring story and blog.
    Greetings from Germany, Silvia

  2. Congrats to you and your journey/success. I'm a big fan of Lindsay's - she is making plant-based eating really accessible and truly changing lives. It's so great hearing about doctors and other healthcare providers that are willing to use plant-based diets as part of their treatment for patients. It can be an uphill battle with a lot of people, but seeing your success and enthusiasm has got to be so inspiring (I know it is to me!). Your patients are really lucky to have you for their doctor because you truly care about healing, not just automatically shoving pills down their throats.

  3. @Silvia--Thank you!!! :-)

    Thank you! Isn't Lindsay wonderful--I completely agree about her making plant-based eating really accessible. I told her she has SUCH a gift! Thank you also for your kind comments!! It really wasn't an easy path--and I still need to work everyday! But you are right, the massively uphill climb has now thankfully ended (bless OA!)

    I feel so lucky to be able to be a doctor & do what I love! :-) Enthusiasm is a big part of rehab medicine--people recovering from injuries & illness need encouragement. I knew it was the perfect niche for me as I've always been this way (I think its hereditary judging by my family! :-))) I hope you keep coming back and commenting--love to have you with us!

    @Anonymous--Thank you!! (program!)


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