Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best of the Blogosphere From the Last Week!! Restaurant Tips, Mobile Health Devices & A Post from a Doc!!! AND, the Recipe of the Week: Heart Healthy Pizza!!

Well its been a fun and interesting week in the blogosphere!  I'm excited to be back reading other folks blogs because last week I spend a lot of time catching up from vacation and just didn't get a chance for much leisure time in the ensuing chaos!  

Anyways, here are my favorites from last week.  What are yours?!

1) From the Happy Herbivore's blog:  "Plant-based (Vegan) Restaurants":  This is a good primer for folks on how to approach restaurant eating on a low fat vegan diet.  Pretty straightforward instructions but its good to see them organized--there is a good link from this post to guide eating in ethnic restaurants (Dining Out).  The Happy Nurse and I don't go out to dinner to eat very much for financial reasons but we found a great Ethiopian place this weekend that was a vegan, gluten-free paradise--SO good!:-)  I've been preparing several restaurant reviews from recent travel:  vegan places in Philadelphia, Sarasota & the DC area.  Next month I'm off to Texas for another conference and will visit a few more vegan restaurants and then publish a week of reviews in late March :-)  Keep your eyes out for that post series!!  

2)  From the Kevin MD blog:  Taking Care of Patients is a Great Honor!  This is an outstanding article.  So honest and it really strikes a cord because I feel exactly the same way (down to the medical school debt--I have more than her but still!)!  For an OB/Gyn to write about why she loves her job is really even more incredible because I think they work the worst, most unpredictable hours.  Take a moment to read this post--its really good.  I'm considering submitting a post to this blog--they welcome guest bloggers competitively and doctors can submit posts for consideration to be published so it would be a huge opportunity for me to share about the blog to a large physician and patient audience.  I just need to write something good!  

3)  Great article in the NY Times:  "Monitoring Your Health With Electronic Devices."  Really interesting look at the future of medicine and the power of the smartphone--what a great opportunity for folks to become empowered to manage their own health--from monitoring glucose to measuring blood pressure!  I really rely on my iPhone for a lot of medical reference data--particularly medication management so I can see how this would be possible.  Very engaging piece.

4)  Advice for Small Town Living in E2's The Daily Beet.  Very helpful post on how to be plant-strong in small towns!  I know I posted about this on Facebook but I had to include it because its a great resource!  Another fantastic, inspiring post on E2's blog is Kara's Story on how she helped relieve some of the worst symptoms of her myoclonus (I imagine its myoclonic dystrophy but I'm not sure because she doesn't go into details) and eliminate her chronic fatigue syndrome with a plant-strong diet!  Love it!

Recipe of the Week:

1) Pizza Sauce YUMM:  Millet, Sunflower Seeds, and Oregano Pizza Sauce from Robin Robertson's Blog Vegan Planet.  The sauce is from "HEART HEALTHY PIZZA" by Mark Sutton.  This books looks AMAZING!  I LOVE pizza and it has tons of vegan recipes many gluten and soy free for pizza!  ALL OIL FREE!! I just ordered it from Amazon and I can't wait to tell you all about it!! 

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  1. I like the sound of that pizza sauce recipe - might have a go this week... Thanks for finding more interesting articles to read!

    Kay :)


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