Sunday, February 12, 2012

Updated & Changed The Blog Layout! Thoughts? AND, What is YOUR favorite Happy Rehab Doc blog post??

Hey all!  I decided to do a little reorganization of the blog layout today & updated the sections with the latest posts!  

What do you think?  AND most importantly, what are YOUR favorite posts?  I'd love to get an idea of what you all are interested in so I can write more like that!!


:-)Dr. Cat


  1. Hi Dr. Cat,
    I really love your blog- so inspirational and full of good practical advice! My favorite post was your kale post. Love me some kale! I appreciated all the links to good recipes and the condensed nutrition info. I also enjoy your posts on kids superimmunity as I have 3 little ones.

  2. Thanks so much Alysson! It feels amazing to get such positive feedback! I'm finding that a lot of people are liking the Kale post :-) I've got a new superfood one coming this week with an awesome veggie! Look out for it!

    Thanks so much for also mentioning that you like the posts on kids--I just think its so important but I really didn't know what people thought about them! So good to know its helpful! Thanks for commenting and hope to hear more from you in the future!:-)


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