Monday, March 26, 2012

Coming up! Recipes, an Interview with Susan Voisin, a NEW Healing Food, Joint Replacements & MORE!

Morning everyone!  Hope you are enjoying the Monday Meditation for today!  

I'm on the road again down in Texas but this time its much better than before because my husband, the Happy Nurse, is with me!  Thank goodness because getting sick and hospitalized when you are out of town is not fun without your hubby!  (not that I plan on getting sick this time darn it!)

I've really missed blogging and I'm excited about a bunch of posts I have coming up so I thought I'd share them with you!

This week I'm super excited to finally publish my interview with the amazing, talented & lovely Susan Voisin, author of the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen blog among many other things!   She is a very special person.   I'm grateful that despite her insane schedule she was kind enough to answer my numerous questions and become a friend in the process!  It was so fun getting to know her and I think you all will enjoy her interview! 

I'm also going to post my usual "What the Happy Nurse & I Are Eating This Week" feature--except it really is technically what we were eating last week.  But thats ok!  The point is to share the recipes right?  We're traveling all week this week so not much cooking on the road.  

Oh side note-- I'm reviewing a really interesting book--Chef AJ sent me her book "Unprocessed" and I'm really looking forward to trying her recipes when I get back!  Have any of you tried any of her recipes?  I'm excited because they look super yummy!!

I'm going to do a post on a new Healing Food!  I'm debating whether to focus on a high protein food or a high calcium food--two things I seem to be nutritionally deficient in these days so I can learn along with you all!  Keep an eye out for that.

And last but not least--and I'm going to apologize for the delayed posting to my reader who really wanted to prepare for her joint replacement in April-- I'm finally going to post on a great rehab topic---how to prepare for joint replacement!  I think the post will be very valuable to share with any folks you know who may be undergoing joint replacement and actually may be helpful even after joint replacement--I'm going to talk a bit about a few exercises you can do to speed your recovery & also share some pre-op nutritional recommendations based on the book: "Prescription for Nutritional Healing."  It should be a helpful combo of suggestions!

Ok so that is what is on the horizon!  Happy to be back and happy to "see" all of you!!!

:-) Dr. Cat

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  1. I love Susan - her blog was the first blog I discovered and is still my first place to look for recipes! Looking forward to the interview!!!!


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