Saturday, January 21, 2012

Best of the Blogosphere From the Last Week!! Reverse Diabetes, Gratitude, Sleep & Salads!!! AND, the Recipe(s) of the Week!

Well, once again we have another week of outstanding posts in the free blogosphere (yay!).  I'm so grateful for my little "Pulse" app on my iPhone that I can use to keep up with all these posts on the fly!  

Here are my FAVORITE blog posts this week!  What were YOUR favorite posts?????!!! 

1) From the Healthy Librarian's Happy Healthy Long Life blog: Can You Really Reverse Diabetes with a Plant-Based Diet? 
 Fantastic video on Reversing Diabetes Mellitis with food programs--excellent explanation of diabetes & its effect on the body by Dr. Neal Barnard of the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine. AND how to reverse it!!  Its 37 mins long but SO worth it!! If you have family members who are pre-diabetic, diabetic or have a family history of diabetes than please forward this on to them:

2)  Really excellent post on sleep on the Disease Proof blog.  I think that sleep is absolutely critical to our health, well-being AND ability to be at a healthy weight!  (not to mention its effect on reducing Altzheimer's disease etc.)  I'm working on writing a blog post on sleep and am considering starting a special one month long "Sleep Challenge" for all of you!  What do you think?  Would you join me in something like that?  Either way, check this post out!

3) Two very exciting posts on salads!  I really love these posts because I've been avoiding having salads for so many years because for me, salad = diet food! But in the last month or so I've been inspired by both Wendy and Susan Voisin's posts on salads (as well as My New Root's Winter Slaw)!  Now I'm eating more salads and I love hearing how other people "build salads" and encourage themselves to eat them!

4)  Oh She Glow's "Gratitude Challenge".  I posted on Facebook about this but I HAD to mention it again because it is so powerful.  The idea of having a gratitude CONVERSATION every day with another person is such a huge boost to our mind-body health!  I hope you will join Angela (the blogger) on this! 

5)  Prescribing Yoga's post on "Trying to Stay Healthy":  Ok unless you are in medicine you might not appreciate this blog post, but I read it and laughed.  This brilliant young doc is doing such a great job of surviving intern year AND striving for health.  When you are an intern (your first year of being a doctor after medical school) the pace literally almost kills you.  Am I a fan of this method of training doctors--NO. Will I spend my life trying to change this system--YES.   

RECIPE OF THE WEEK:  I've got TWO this week!  

1)  Healthy Girl's Kitchen's Butternut Mac & Cheese (soooooo going on my food plan for this week!!)

2)........Ok so this next recipe may shock you guys, and for those of you who have issues with chocolate then stop reading my post now!  
Ok, are all my chocolate addict folks gone?  Alright, Post Punk Kitchen posted a recipe for Raspberry Truffle Brownies that I think I will be able to easily adapt to be sugar-free!  Will add a bit more gluten-free flour and a bit more of the raspberry jam (grape juice sweetened) instead of the sugar!  I'll let you know how it turns out :-)

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  1. How fun! Thanks for all the love. I read somewhere that Nunaturals is making a baking blend that is made from processed fiber and stevia. It's a sugar replacement product. You use it in a 1:1 ratio. I'm sure it's really expensive. If you can find it doing a google search, I'd be curious what you think of it. I may have to order some and give it a try, but my experience with products with "unnatural" fiber (not in food as it naturally occurs) has been that they give me horrible gas!

    1. :-) of course!! Lots of love here:-). I'm not sure how I feel about that baking blend--it's a great idea but one of my major pet peeves is over processed sweeteners! That is why I stay away from Agave Nectar, when Dominos started manufacturing it I knew it was a problem! I'll think on your suggestion and investigate! Will definitely let u know if I use it!! I've been considering trying pure palm sugar or coconut sugar per the Simply Sugar & Gluten Free blog bc my issue is the over processing and high glycemic index of came sugar. Will need to check with my sponsor first though!! Thanks for the comment!:-)))

  2. Hi Cat,

    This all sounds great, the sleep challenge sounds like fun - although I do sleep well, didn't used to & have no idea why I sleep better now - maybe just feeling happy & well helps...

    Looking forward to checking out the recipes, I love salads!

    I've read Esseltyn's book now from cover to cover, mostly read aloud - as Sime's interested too. We are in the process of clearing out the cupboards & freezer of anything with oil or refined ingredients... We're feeling very excited & although for us it's not such a drastic step, cutting out olive oil & margarine is going to be quite a challenge!

    For now, we'll keep wheat in our diet, but we only use good quality flour for bread making, along with yeast, sea salt & water - though must admit to finding the thought of not greasing the bread tins a bit scary!!! Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking baking paper might be ok...

    Thanks for your encouraging comments Cat - you're doing a great job!

    Kay :)

  3. LOL, this chocolate lover is still here. I just don't like raspberries :)with my chocolate.


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