Thursday, December 6, 2012

THANKFUL THURSDAY is today!! :-)

Ok I'm restarting "Thankful Thursdays" on the Happy Rehab Doc Facebook site!  Come join us!!

For me, living in a state of gratitude does many things:

1) gets me out of my own head so I can be of better service to others

2) helps me to let go of any self pity party I was having for myself and makes me appreciate the good things in life that I miss

3) all of the above help me not to eat compulsively.  Overeating and binge eating for me have nothing to do with food (as I shared here)--it is alllllllll emotional so by being thankful for what I have, I can't build resentments and I can't tell myself I "deserve" a treat. 

I have found that living in gratitude has helped me lose weight more than almost any other major "dieting" technique I tried in the past!!

So join us today over on Facebook & share what you are grateful for this Thursday!  Small things, big things...whatever you can share will inspire us all!

Thanks!  :-) Dr. Cat

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